Business Leaders Call for Leadership on Secondary Suites


Today, more business leaders endorse proposed reforms for increasing the number of Secondary Suites in Calgary. Business titans and civic champions George Brookman and Jim Gray alongside: Strategic Group, RedLine Real Estate Group and Studio North, recognize the vital role Secondary Suites can play in solving Calgary's housing crisis.

Jim Gray


George Brookman

Most of my childhood was spent on 22nd Avenue N.W. in Mt. Pleasant. Every fall my folks would welcome a new boarder into our basement suite. These S.A.I.T. students always seemed to become "part of the family" and I know my parents often stayed in touch for several years after they graduated. It was never an issue, there were no problems and many homes in the district did the same.

Next door, our older French Canadian neighbours had a full basement suite and I can remember visiting with young newlywed couples as a little boy growing up. They were just part of the community.

The point is that I am not sure when having a "suite in the basement" became such a big issue. No one is suggesting that every house suddenly must have a suite; but for many home owners, having "people downstairs" allows them to stay in their house longer. It can eliminate loneliness and for seniors it can mean there might be someone to help with cutting grass, shovelling sidewalks etc.

Introducing proper suite legislation will increase the quality and safety of these units for their residents. Of course there will be bad tenants, someone will have an extra car or whatever. On full balance however, allowing proper and legal secondary suites seems like a very logical decision and it feels like we have spent far too much time debating the obvious.

-George Brookman

Strategic Group


Redline Real Estate Group


Studio North


Help us make the crucial December 15th City Council vote on Secondary Suites a success - take action today!