Bishop Frederick Henry and the Catholic Diocese of Calgary Call On City Council for Action on Secondary Suites


Bishop Federick Henry, representing the estimated 427,000 Catholics in The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, has endorsed the push to make it easier for Calgarians to build Secondary Suites.

As a member of the Committee member which developed the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness and former a board member of the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Bishop Henry is a long term advocate on housing issues. He bases his support on the clear need to increase the number of housing units so that Calgarians can find a safe and affordable place to live. 

"The current application and approval process for secondary suites is cumbersome and inefficient, unnecessarily intrusive in the lives of homeowners and a waste of your time and talents." 

- Bishop Frederick Henry

The Catholic Diocese of Calgary has joined the Bishop in union with the Interfaith Council of Calgary and the Interfaith Education Council in asking City Council to support improving access to Secondary Suites citywide.



Help us make the crucial December 15th City Council vote on Secondary Suites a success - take action today!