A First Step: Council Moves Towards Secondary Suites in Four Wards


Yesterday, City Council rejected city-wide secondary suites reform by an 8-7 vote. However, City Council also approved drafting of a new by-law, which could allow for secondary suites in Wards 7, 8, 9 and 11. While hopes had been set on city-wide approval, this marks an important first step that could see implementation in four of the fourteen wards by mid-2015, provided that Council approves the final by-law.

At the same time, City Council also approved further study of a licensing process for secondary suites city-wide, implementation of secondary suites near rapid transit stations and the feasibility of a plebiscite on secondary suites. There have been over 37 Council-mandated studies or directions already on secondary suites since 2005. But, endless studies will not suffice. We’ve heard a consensus from business and community leaders that Council must take immediate action to allow for secondary suites in all residential areas of Calgary.

The movement we have started could not have been possible without the incredible support from engaged citizens like yourself. Over 3,000 Calgarians and 50 organizations called on Council to improve access to secondary suites and together our voices have had a powerful impact.

Calgarians for Secondary Suites will continue to fight to make sure our voices are heard and that City Council makes real progress. Yesterday's first step was long overdue, but it was simply not enough. If Council is incapable of making real progress, we will call for a plebiscite on city-wide secondary suites in conjunction with the October 2017 municipal election.

Thank you for your support and contribution to bringing secondary suites four steps closer. We’ve now ten more to go!

Calgarians for Secondary Suites

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